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The first course offered through Tech Stack’d is "#GetTechStackd: Hire and manage developers effectively for your startup in 30 days.” This course is for the non-technical startup founder who has an idea and business plan, but not sure how to get from idea to product.

In this course you will:

  • Receive my CHEAT SHEETS on how to communicate with developers

  • Learn how to make product decisions like a CTO

  • Become confident when choosing the right people for your startup

  • Learn WHERE to hire good developers and HOW to interview them

  • Receive exclusive access to the private Tech Stack'd community

  • Position yourself as an expert in your product and navigate the tech space more confidently


One of the MANY things that I learned during the course is how to develop all of the materials to successful hire and manage your development team, i.e. PRD
— Elizabeth Wright, CEO of Wandherlust Travels
Where I had previously felt directionless, this course made it very clear what I need to bring to the table in order to successfully connect with technical professionals.
— Anna-Rochelle Thornton, CEO of Exchange
In the Tech Stack’d course I learned SEVERAL things which are very vital to my growth as an entrepreneur; however if I had to choose one thing that truly challenged me, it would have to be the lesson on how to interview, rate and hire developers. [...] After taking this course, I now have the necessary tools in my toolbox and was able to hire a superb dev team!
— Priscilla Burch, CEO of Fun Club

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