Membership Benefits

Member Spotlights

Every 2 weeks, an active and helpful Tech Stack’d member will be showcased on our Instagram and Twitter along with something about them that they want us to promote. This can be a startup they’re working on, a project, articles they’re writing, or even to show off the awesome skills they have to possibly be recruited by the network that follows Tech Stack’d.

Office Hours

All members can schedule 1:1 calls with industry experts in areas such as iOS and Android development, full stack website development, career growth in tech, and startup fundraising. Many special guest experts like seasoned recruiters at Google will also be available to lend a helping hand for people in the midst of a job search.

Virtual Workshops

Members have unlimited access to virtual workshops to help them advance their careers or grow their companies. They are held at least twice a month and are 100% remote. Each workshop will either be targeted toward developers or entrepreneurs (obviously if you’re both of these, all the workshops are for you).